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Do you want to play an important role in agile software development? Are you just as excited about state-of-the-art automation technologies as we are? Then you might also be enthusiastic about this career opportunity.

Does this describe you well?

  • You are passionate about Internet technology. Above all, you are fascinated by every kind of software automation.
  • The prospect of decisively influencing the fate of a start-up makes your heart beat faster.
  • You have studied mathematics, computer science, science or technology or you are trained in computer technology.
  • You like working in „two-pizza teams“, i.e. small agile development teams, that can be fed by two family pizzas.

Job Profile: DevOps Consultant & Kubernetes Specialist

As DevOps, you develop solutions for developers of our German customers.

By automating the development steps, you help agile software developers and testers do their jobs more efficiently, with higher quality, and last but not least with more fun at work. Latest DevOps technologies and solid programming skills are your tools.

As a DevOps member, you play a central mediating role in the triumvirate consisting of Development, Quality Assurance and Operations.

In addition, you build cloud environments for our customers based on Docker and Kubernetes. We help you by giving you enough time and material for training and certifications in this area before you get started on the customer.

Learn DevOps in a StartUp Company

In return, we offer you the best possible learning environment. Be part of a small, but growing StartUp team. Help us designing and shaping our cloud-based development environment. Help us materializing our vision to offer DevOps cloud services to hundreds and thousands of customers.

Apart from this, we offer:

  • Best opportunities for training in new technologies such as Kubernetes, Continuous Integration, Monitoring
  • Work in our StartUp and with our customers, where you as DevOps play a central role in agile software development
  • Working directly with the founder of StartUps
  • Practice experience in the operation of modern software development processes (SCRUM, Kanban)

Your Profile

  • You are enthusiastic about all sorts of software-based automation.
  • You like customer missions that involve several months of hands-on work to implement modern DevOps concepts.
  • You are flexible and creative in finding solutions, and you are not shy about involving other team members. Once the team has agreed on a goal, nothing can stop you from reaching that goal.
  • You are happy to help your colleagues and you are open to being helped. You love pair- and crowd-programming. You are able to switch effortlessly between the role of navigator and the driver role.
  • You are speaking German and/or English.
  • You are eager to present your work results to our customers and to our in-house team.
  • You are experienced with:
    • Linux systems
    • Cloud
    • some programming language

Nice to have: you are experienced in

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Docker orchestration: Kubernetes, OpenShift, DC/OS. or Docker Swarm
  • Continuous Integration Systems: Jenkins, or other CI systems like Drone CI, Circle CI, Travis CI, GitLab CI, Bamboo
  • Infrastructure as Code: Terraform, AWS CloudFormation …
  • Groovy, Bash, Python …
  • REST APIs, GraphQL
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence.

Company Profile – vocon IT GmbH

We are a start-up company that is evolving from a pure DevOps consulting company to a cloud service company. As a consulting company, we actively shape the agile software development of large government authorities. Initially, we are focusing on the DevOps area, Continuous Integration and Docker Orchestration before we move to other areas needed to develop cloud services (front-end development, back-end development, test automation).

Apply now!

… and send your CV until the date 1st Dec. 2020 to jobs@vocon-it.com