Docker @ Cloud

We build your Docker Infrastructure. On-premise. On Cloud.

Whether it be on-premise or cloud, we help you make an educated decision on which way to go: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, OpenShift or DC/OS. Test all of those in our own vocon cloud.

We automate your development build and deployment processes.

Agile DevOps

Deliver your application to your customers more often. Your customers deserve it.

Do not stop thinking agile when it comes to delivery and deployment of your services. Integrate experienced vocon DevOps specialists into your agile teams. They will make sure that the creation of maintainable, secure and scalable services is not an afterthought.

DevOps helps you to become agile.

Customers first!

We love technology, but we love more to listen to and serve our customers. Our philosophy: customers first!

Our Promise

We promise only, what we can deliver. We deliver what we promise.

Working With Us

Work with highly experienced Docker DevOps. We support your development process from Code to Docker in Production.