The Friday after my LFS458 training, I had planned for a challenge: create blog posts for all eleven Certified Kubernetes Administrator labs of the course — within a day. This has turned out to be too ambitious: Friday night, I had reached at publishing four blog posts covering two of the eleven labs of LFS458 only. Nine labs were still to go. Even though the challenge itself was not successful, it is a good starting point for the series I am working on. This is, what I have published so far:

Following chapters are planned:

  • Services
  • Ingress
  • Volumes
  • Scheduling; Taints, Labels, Affinity, and Anti-Affinity
  • Logging
  • Performance Management with Metrics
  • Custom Resource Definition
  • (Optional) Kubernetes Federation? There are no labs found on LSF458 on that topic.
  • Helm Charts
  • Kubernetes Security Policies and Roles
  • (Optional) Installation via kubeadm revisited

Let us head towards the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certification…

Logo Certified Kubernetes Administrator


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