Fascinated about new cloud & automation technologies, I have started to learn about Docker mid 2015. This blog summarizes my findings around Docker, Cloud and Automation during the journey.

You might be interested in this list of other Docker blogs I have published on LinkedIn. If you find something interesting in the list, but you do not have access, please send me a note via a comment on this page or better contact me via LinkedIn.

Other (professional) hobbies beyond my duties like project management, data center design (VMware virtualized) + audits are:

  • IT Automation (e.g. see my ProvisioningEngine hobby),
  • Test driven Development,
  • Agile Development,
  • Ruby on Rails,
  • Enterprise Integration (Apache Camel),
  • Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment (e.g. TravisCI),

More information about (my professional) me: see my LinkedIn profile. Here is a link to the firm I have founded in 2017.



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