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CKA Labs (8) — Kubernetes ReplicaSets

In this lab, we will have a closer look at Kubernetes Replicasets. First, we will learn how ReplicaSets control, how many POD replicas are up and running at any time. We will learn, how ReplicaSets and PODs are connected: via labels. We will show that manually creating PODs with matching labels can have weird cuckoo's eggs effects. Moreover, a POD can be detached from a ReplicaSet without stopping it by manipulating its label.

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CKA Labs (3) — Deploy a simple Kubernetes Application

In part 3 of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Labs Challenge, we will deploy a simple application by file and by command. Then we will expose and access the service from within the Kubernetes Cluster. After that, we will explore how Kubernetes Deployments helps us maintain the service by automatically restarting failed PODS through ReplicaSets. Last, but not least, we will discuss how to access the service from outside the Kubernetes cluster.

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Kubernetes (9): Installing ElasticSearch using Helm Charts

There may be simpler possibilities for installing ElasticSearch on Docker. However, here, we will choose a way that can be easily expanded for production use: the installation of ElasticSearch on Kubernetes via Helm charts. While installing ElasticSearch using Helm implements…

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WordPress Password Reset through Database Update or WP CLI

In this post, I have summarized how I have performed a password recovery of a WordPress installation. I have followed the instructions here. I have performed a WordPress password reset via database (Step 1 through 6) as well as a WordPress password…

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How to Install OpenShift on Fedora – a Quick Installation Guide

Are you reviewing Docker orchestration systems like Kubernetes, DC/OS or OpenShift? In this blog post, let us learn how to install a standalone OpenShift Origin system on Fedora. OpenShift Installation on Fedora is a tough nut. As an example, read this…

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How to get rid of nested Subscriptions using RxJS flatMap and switchMap

"Nested subscriptions are bad programming style". That is, what many programmers tell us. But: how can we get rid of nested subscriptions? In this little step-by-step tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use flatMap to improve an Angular 6 based REST…